Belize Association of Human Resource Professionals

About Us

Our History


Dr. Consuelo Waight, a Fulbright Scholar, conducted a study on human resource needs in Belize. In her conversations with Deans at the three universities and sixth forms (Community Colleges), the idea for a Belize Association of Human Resource Professionals (BAHRP) emerged.


Dr. Consuelo Waight guest lectured at Galen University and shared the BAHRP idea with MBA students. Mr. Victor Miranda, a then student, became an advocate for BAHRP among HR professionals in Belize.


Dr. Consuelo Waight visited Belize and met with the founding members of BAHRP.


The application to form BAHRP is submitted.


On June 22nd, 2020, BAHRP was officially formed.

The mission of our association is to
“Strengthen and Empower the Human Capacity through Research and Development.”